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  Start & Finish:

  ReCre's Bike Studio, 138 Court St, Watertown, NY

Shop Ride Directions, ~25.2 miles:          Download GPX file

  • Begin heading northwest on Court St toward N Massey St

  • Turn right onto N Massey St

  • Turn left onto W Main St toward White Rd

  • Turn right onto White Rd toward County Rd 53/Military Rd 

  • Turn left onto County Rd 53/Military Rd

  • Continue onto Washington St

  • Turn right onto Brown Rd

  • Turn left onto RT 54/Brown Blvd

  • Continue onto County Rd 54/Perch River Rd towards Star School House Rd

  • Turn right onto Start School House Rd toward NY-12

  • Turn right onto NY-12 S toward Carr Rd

  • Turn left onto Carr Rd

  • Turn left onto County Rd 16/Parish Rd

  • Continue northeast on County Rd 16/Jenkins Rd/Parish Rd toward Perch Lake Rd

  • Turn right onto Perch Lake Rd

  • Head southeast on Perch Lake Rd toward County Rd 53/Military Rd

  • Turn right onto Military Rd

  • Turn left onto White Rd

  • Turn left onto NY-12E S/NY-12F E/W Main St

  • Turn right onto N Massey St

  • Turn right onto Coffeen St

  • Turn right onto Black River Pkwy

  • Turn right towards the parking lot

  • Turn right toward Marshall Pl (small hill climb)

  • Turn left onto Marshall Pl

  • Turn left onto Court St

  • Ride complete

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